The Bob & Tom Show

The Bob and Tom Show

Gear up for your day with The Bob & Tom Show, where robust laughter meets hard-hitting banter. Renowned for their sharp, witty exchanges, The Bob and Tom Show brings you a no-holds-barred approach to comedy. The show is a hotbed for comedic talent, featuring a lineup of the funniest stand-up comedians and humorous segments that pack a punch.

Expect the unexpected with interviews spanning from legendary rock musicians to top sports figures, all delivering unfiltered and engaging conversations. Dive into a world where humor is bold, the topics are straight-talking, and the music hits the right chords.

The Bob & Tom Show is your ultimate morning companion for a hefty dose of entertainment with an edge. Tune in every weekday morning from 5-9 and start your day right!

Featured Talent

Tom Griswold

Show Host

Kristi Lee

Show Host | News Director

Chick McGee

Show Host | Sports Director

Josh Arnold

Show Host

Willie Griswold